Advantages of polyurethane coatings

100% solids polyurethane coatings offer very unique handling, performance and environmental advantages. To the end users, this means a greater assurance of achieving the desired result on time and on budget. To the applicator, it means high throughput and fewer callbacks. Imagine, for example, coatings that:

  • are 100% solids, having zero or near zero VOC’s
  • set at virtually any temperature – winter and summer
  • are non flammable, solvent free and as safe as house paint
  • are self-priming can be applied in a single multi-pass coat to any dry film thickness
  • set in minutes
  • can be put into service within hours
  • are easily touched up if damaged
  • are non-dangerous goods for transportation
  • require no post curing, ever.

Accompanying these handling advantages are a number of important performance advantages.

  • superior adhesion without using any primer
  • resistance to chemical attack
  • resistance to gouging and abrasion
  • flexibility and resilience
  • inertness, freedom from embrittlement
  • impermeable
  • resistance to disbondment forces
  • a number of national and international approvals (UL, NSF, British Gas, etc.)
  • a totally monolithic, seamless polymer sheet virtually fused to the substrate.

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