Micro-particles of powder coatings to optimize the coating process

Japanese paint company developed an average particle size range between 20 ~ 40μm particles of powder coatings has been patented, ready to officially expand its market.

The powder coating is the durability of good varieties, and the appearance of the coating is less than the solvent-based paint. In general, the smaller the powder particle size, and its aesthetic appearance of the coating, the better, but more than one of content than the average particle size of micro-powder coating application efficiency will drop. The product is to resolve the particles of powder coatings powder coatings to date can not take into account the development of film aesthetics and painting issues, the average particle size than the previous powder coating of fine particle size deviation of less than 20μm the grade complete.

Therefore, the powder particles can be coated even attached to the concave part, you can get a smooth appearance of the coating and the coating is thinner than the average powder coatings, paints use less, you can reduce coating costs. The appearance of its coating quality with solvent-based paint is the same, it is expected to be used for portable telephones, personal computers and other IT equipment, household appliances, office machinery, landscape materials, can also be applied for exterior painting beautiful products. Expected a finer particle size below 20μm powder coatings will be practical, but on such occasions, the particle size of 5μm or less more than one of the ultrafine powder content, the extreme deterioration of the construction feasibility of the coating, powder coating recyclable reuse advantages gone, the company developed to solve this problem, new grades of powder coatings patented, which is characterized by average particle size range 5-20μm, ultrafine particles less than 5μm content not exceeding 25%.

More than the particle size of the domestic powder coating 10-80 micron coating thickness 50-70 micron thin coating of 20-30 micron particle size of 10-50 microns, but increase the difficulty of powder production.

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