Elements of a burning explosion of powder coating

The following aspects are the factors that cause the burning explosion of powder coating:

(A) The dust concentration exceeds the lower limit

For these reasons, resulting in the powder room or workshop dust concentrations exceed the lower explosive limit, so that the formation of the main conditions of the powder combustion and explosion, if moderate sources of ignition, it is very likely to produce combustion and explosion.

(B) Powder and paint shop to mix

In some factories, due to less plant area, in order to save the plant, to powder coating and paint shop mixed in a workshop. Two sets of equipment side by side or connected in a line, sometimes use a solvent-based paint, sometimes using a powder coating system, resulting in paint volatile flammable gas filled the entire shop, dusting system leakage of dust floating in the workshop, the formation of the powder gas mixed environment, with a greater risk of combustion and explosion.

(C) The source of fire

Powder combustion caused the fire source, mainly in the following situations:

  1. The fire Lead to the source of powder-burning fire, one of the most dangerous open flame. If the powder-site hazardous area, there welding, oxygen cutting, lighter ignition, matches the cigarette lighter, candle, etc., are likely to cause a fire explosion.
  2. The hot source Danger zone in the powder, a red-hot steel, non-explosion-proof lights suddenly broken sudden power of resistance wire, infrared board power and other burning sources are likely to cause the powder combustion.
  3. The electrostatic discharge Limit in the powder room, when the dust concentration of blasting, dusting gun and the workpiece or the powder room sudden contact spark of static electricity, or motors, electrical ignition, will lead to powder burning.

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