Pearl pigments application problems

With rapid development , pearl pigments have been more widely used in packaging , printing, publishing industry, from cosmetics , cigarette , alcohol , gift packaging, to business cards, greeting cards, calendars, book covers , to pictorial printing, textiles printing, pearlescent pigments figure everywhere. In particular pearls film for food packaging , increasing its market demand , such as in the ice cream, soft drinks , cookies , candy , napkins and packaging areas , the use of pearl film to give consumers a sense of delight to the eye .

Difficult pearl pigments Promotion

Although demand in various fields of pearl pigments are very large, but in terms of market promotion , pearlescent pigments but still encounter some resistance .

First, currently available on the market several types of pearl pigments ( mica titanium series pearlescent pigment ) production process is very complex, high precision technology and equipment requirements , makes production costs high, limiting the widespread use of such pigments . Many plants , such as paint and pigment ink manufacturers have been very interested for this , but in reality their applications are discouraged because of the high prices . Therefore, to reduce production costs and achieve large-scale production is a very crucial step to expand the market .

Second, the application of pearl pigments is still in a very weak link in the current research and development of pearl pigments in coatings, plastics , printing inks , leather, construction materials , cosmetics , paper, packaging materials, textile printing and dyeing and other aspects of the application of technology still in its infancy , since most people decorate for the characteristics of this new pigment is also poorly understood, plus the application of technology lag, low level of technology , poor decorative effect , restricted the application and promotion of pearlescent pigments . This can be used for many types of pigments that are decorated to enhance value-added products, the loss of an excellent competitive opportunities. But for pearlescent pigments pursuit, people never stop , because people are well know the truth: a breakthrough in the application of technology in an industry tends to promote the upgrading of products , will give an industry incalculable economic benefits.

Third, pearl pigments production process may seem simple, but the actual production technology complex, involving multiple disciplines . So the technology world are strictly confidential and blockade , in order to keep business secrets , since many companies never released the results of its annual sales . Compared with some of the industrially developed countries , China’s titanium mica pearlescent pigment research , production, application is still in early stages of development , regardless of product quality, variety and application of technology, all at a low level , a number of key technical issues have not yet obtained breakthrough , making the German and Japanese paint company’s products still dominate the world .

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