Pearlescent pigment content and shape

In ensuring the ink pigment dispersed situation , it was studied the implications fabric screen printing ink pearlescent pigment amount of gloss . In the same method as in the ink formulation , to change the amount of the pearlescent pigment in the ink to a method to evaluate visual pearlescent effect, increasing research pearlescent pigment ratio of share of the ink when the pigment in an amount of 5% , the gloss less effective ; when the amount to 12 %, the pearl better ; when the amount of 15 %, the best pearl effect , good fastness ; then continue to increase the amount of 17 % of the pigment , pearl effect and the amount of 15% close ; If you continue to increase the amount of time , the pearl effect no longer increases. This shows a truth, the blind pursuit of improving the amount of pearlescent pigments and pearlescent effects can not be significantly improved when the amount reaches a certain value pigments , pearlescent effect does not play its role in it. Blind additional amount of pigment results: First, the ink costs rise ; Second, the printing ink fastness decline . To ensure printability of the ink , it is suggested to control the pearlescent pigment in an amount of 12% to 15%.

Shape pearl pigment

In addition to the amount of foreign pearlescent pigments , pearlescent effect pigments on the shape , flat lamellae should form the basic structure of pearlescent pigments , the only way to form the lens as strongly as reflecting pearly luster , and flat lamellae diameter thicker than the best 200 or so, and in line with the substance of this condition is very rare . And the maximum production of the world ‘s most widely used natural mica pearlescent pigment is the core of the sheet through a special chemical process in which one or more layers coated titanium or other metal oxide powder is formed . So to measure the quality of pearl ink , it is necessary to see if the ink using a pigment flake preparation .

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