Fully understanding performance of MDF is required before coating

Powder paint spraying spraying the metal surface has been very mature, very stable and have a good level of control. MDF powder coating and metal surface powder coating in order to understand why a big difference, we must know the inherent characteristics of the MDF. People often think that the main difference between the metal and the MDF is the electrical conductivity. In terms of the absolute conductivity value, this may be correct; However, it is not MDF powder coating the most important factor.

Typically, a surface resistance of 1010Ω 1011Ω of MDF powder coating to provide adequate conductivity. A standard MDF at room temperature with a surface resistivity of about 1012Ω. Warm-up through the MDF, plus a small amount of additives, or MDF, or both methods are used, these can be easily MDF conductivity of adjustment back to the required range.

However, a larger difference between the metal and MDF is the thermal conductivity. Table 1 shows the thermal conductivity of various materials. MDF is the thermal conductivity of only 0.07 [of W / (m • K)]. Much lower thermal conductivity than aluminum, aluminum powder coating is the most commonly used substrate. This temperature distribution within the MDF substrate to the powder coating has brought many difficulties.

MDF is the thermal conductivity and stone Blanket as low as stone cotton blanket is the fire-fighting equipment and high heat-resistant glove materials to. Therefore, MDF takes a very long time to heating and cooling. Heating and cooling process, the MDF surface temperature and center temperature will be different. A part of the MDF surface heating than other parts of the surface temperature and edge temperature are very different, this phenomenon is not obvious in the aluminum spray.

In addition, in order to get high-quality powder coating, we must be careful to control the MDF various performance, such as surface smoothness, can be polished, exhaust, under a certain temperature cracking resistance as well as some other performance. One of the key performance specifications of the MDF, are vulnerable to the impact of the MDF manufacturing process, the internal bond strength of MDF. This within the bond strength should be at a higher level.

All in all, the MDF should have heat resistance, slight electrical conductivity and good polished. Fortunately, the MDF manufacturer has been able to produce these types of plates. In fact, some MDF manufacturer has already begun will be used for powder coating MDF market.

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