Challenges for MDF powder coating

China’s fiberboard annual output of more than one hundred million cubic meters. MDF (medium density fiberboard), the annual output of about 30 million cubic meters of 16mm specifications operator, light MDF there are about 1.8 billion square meters. With the technological development outside of MDF fiberboard such as popcorn board, etc. can also be powder coating. Expected to have a potential market of hundreds of thousands of tons of powder volume. In other words, the wood panels powder coating has a very broad prospects.

Since the MDF powder coating the above-mentioned so many obvious advantages and great market, and why China has not formed a large-scale commercial operations The reason is that the MDF powder coating with a high technological content, require a certain scale of upfront investment and challenging puzzles. Is not an ordinary spraying plants with existing spray equipment and processes, able to operate. To achieve high quality, especially to ensure that the edge of the long-term cracking, quality control, design and control of the paint line, powder coating performance design and the final quality testing and to ensure that the four aspects of the technology need to have a medium density wood board.

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