Powder coated wood finish has catapulted a huge increase in demand

The design industry has always had to compromise with the trade-off between form vs. function. Advancements in powder coated wood finishes make it possible to have the best of form and function.It is now possible to use more shapes and contoured profile edges in designs, blending this with the functional benefits of a very durable powder coated finish. Powder coated wood has the look and shape that designers and architects can use to create unique designs without the limitations of many other surfaces. An added benefit which has catapulted a huge increase in demand is the environmental benefits associated with powder coated wood.

Powder coated wood finishes have improved greatly in the past year since smooth high quality finishes are now possible when combining the highest quality materials, using sophisticated technology in the powder application process, craftsmanship expertise of the technologically advanced powder application systems and CNC machining processes.The only drawback is that this high quality finish is not easily done, so it takes considerable investment and years of experience to achieve this level of quality.

A sophisticated and technologically advanced wood powder coater can produce the highest quality finish. Often it is hard to see the difference between a powder coated finish vs. a four coat liquid finish. Powder coated wood finish is far more durable than a liquid finish- and the powder coated wood finish is like a liquid finish on steroids. The coating is very strong and durable. In addition,powder coated wood finishes are usually 6-7 mils thick which makes it a much thicker and tougher alternative to a liquid finish.

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