Controlling the moisture content in the MDF is critical

The powder coating process requires an electrostatic charge for the powder to attract to the wood while using a premium grade MDF. This electrostatic charge is created by heating the wood to bring the moisture content to the surface, since it is this moisture that serves as the electrostatic conductor.The adhesion of the powder to the board is so strong that to remove the powder finish from the board it is likely the MDF board substrate will chip off before the powder will chip away from the MDF.

This process requires technical expertise,highest quality MDF and powders,and powder application equipment that is often custom designed specifically for wood powder coating. One of the challenges for powder coating wood is the lack of natural electrical conductivity. Controlling the moisture content in the MDF is critical; the process of heating up the board to bring the moisture to the surface has to be a very exacting science. Using too much heat will dry out the moisture and too little will not bring enough moisture to the surface. There are several variables which determine the best way to bring the moisture to the surface yet there is no one size fits all recipe for achieving this.This is where the expertise acquired from experience and research becomes critical to achieve the highest quality coating, consistently.It is also important to keep your scrap ratio minimal so the expertise also helps the bottom line.

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