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Users’ Guide to Powder Coating


Troubleshooting to Hoses and pumps-Venturi operation

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Troubleshooting to Fluidized bed operation

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Troubleshooting guide for zinc phosphatizing

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Troubleshooting Guide to Chromium phosphate processing

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Troubleshooting guide to iron phosphatizing

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Powder Coating Storage and Transportation in Summer

Powder Coating Storage

With the advent of summer, powder caking is a problem for many manufacturers. In addition to the process problems in the production process, storage and transportation are factors that affect the final spraying results. In summer, the temperature and humidity is high, and directly affect the final coating quality of the powder coating. The first is the effect of temperature, powder coatings must maintain their particle size in order to operate and use. Most thermosetting powder coatings are formulated toRead More …

Tribo Charging Method – How It Works

The charging of the powder particles in a tribo gun is achieved by the friction of two dissimilar materials coming in contact with one another. (See diagram #2.) In the case of most tribo guns,electrons are stripped from the powder particles as they make contact with the gun wall or tube which is typically made of teflon. This results in the particle giving up electrons which leaves it with a net positive charge. The positively charged powder particle is transportedRead More …

Corona Charging Method-How It Works

In corona charging, a high voltage potential is developed at an electrode located in or near the powder stream. With most corona guns this occurs as the powder exits the gun. (See diagram #l.) An ion field is generated between the electrode and the grounded product. Powder particles passing through this field are bombarded with ions, become charged, and are attracted to the grounded product. The charged powder particles accumulate on the grounded product and are electrostatically retained long enoughRead More …

Configuration of powder coating application equipment

There are many ways to apply powder coating materials; however, the material that is to be applied must be of a compatible type. For instance, if the method of application is fluidized bed. then the powder coating material must be a fluidized bed grade, Conversely, if the method of application is electrostatic spray, then the powder material must be an electrostatic spray grade. Once the material is correctly selected, then the method of application is selected by part design andRead More …

How to store powder coating safely

Proper storage for powder coating prevents particle agglomeration and reaction advancement, and ensures satisfactory application,this is pivotal. During application powder coatings must be easily fluidizable, free-flowing, and capable of accepting and maintaining a good electrostatic charges. Factors affecting powder coatings storage The key factors affecting powder coatings storage can be identified as: Temperature Moisture / Humidity Contamination Direct sunlight The recommended optimum conditions for powder storage are: Temperature < 25°C Relative humidity 50 – 65% Away from direct sunlight EffectRead More …