Judgment of powder coating orange peel appearance 

From shape visually or using mechanical methods of measurement shows instrument or via a bellows scan to assess and compare the powder coating orange peel appearance.

(1) visual method

In this test, the model of the double tube fluorescent. A model of reflective light source can be obtained by appropriately placed boilerplate. Qualitative analysis of the clarity of the reflected light from the visual assessment of the nature of the flow and leveling. In the case of poor flowability (orange peel), two fluorescent tubes looks blurry, not clear, while the high fluidity is obtained clear reflection.

(2) The shape measurement method “:

In this method, by the offset of the probe to record high sensitivity surface shape. This quickly distinguish differences caused by cratering, pinholes, or dirty objects, rough, orange peel, and flow fluctuations stemming from poor.

(3) Byk-Gardener “corrugated scanning orange peel meter measurements:

By focusing on the surface, the “ripple scan design is used to simulate the visual judgment. The instrument is moved on the sample surface a distance of more than 10 cm, is used to scan the surface of the template. This method uses a laser light source from the surface of the 60 ° angle irradiation template, and then, in the reflected light is measured under the same angle relative. When the light beam irradiated to the end or peak and valley of the peaks on the surface, the detected signal; And when the light beam is irradiated to the peak slope, the recorded signal is the smallest. Corrugated scan measurement is visible on the visual optical surface finish and shape measuring instrument measuring people touch can feel mechanical shape finish.  

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