Important to monitor the environmental conditions during powder paint application

Why is it important of Monitoring environmental conditions in application of powder paint?

To help avoid powder paint substandard construction, surface treatment and paint under the best environmental conditions, lining construction is very important. The most important task of the environmental control of temperature, surface temperature, humidity and dew point control. The dew point is the moisture just the temperature when dew formation in the surface layer of the steel. Moisture will cause the steel to rust in just blasted steel substrates. The wet film in the paint or lining the base and form a thin, invisible spray coating system may prematurely broken. For most of the space will be stated during the surface treatment, painting and paint or lining of the curing period, the surface temperature must be at least higher than the dew point 3 ° C dew point issues, to ensure there is no technical specifications. When the paint in the atmosphere temperature, surface temperature, or the humidity is too high or too low, the coating may cause foaming, pinholes, craters, dry spray, cracking, improper curing, and other defects.

What kind of environmental conditions shall be monitored?

Periodically measuring the surface temperature of the surface treatment, paint, or the liner during the application and curing, to minimize the possibility of premature failure of the atmospheric temperature and relative the percentage humidity will paint system. There are three main reasons for this environment monitoring:

  • To determine whether there is dew point problems.
  • To help avoid the potential of painting construction problems, meet varnish formation, the temperature or the substrate temperature is too high or too low.
  • Make sure the paint or lining system curing rate

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