Production profiling of powder coating limits product liability risks

Risk management is a real concern for every business, and powder coating is no exception.  The product liability of providing a poor quality powder coatings finish could range from re-coating a few simple parts to the replacement of all products damaged by underexposure or overexposure to heat (a complete product recall).

The only way to totally manage risk is to be in total control.  In turn, verification of control can only be certain when measurements are taken by proper testing equipment.  Quality is a matter of fact and does not happen by chance.  The exposure that any company incurs by knowingly operating out of control when tools are available to guarantee control is senseless.

For example, products such as high-pressure gas cylinders are powder coated everyday.  These cylinders are made from a special aluminum alloy and cannot exceed specific temperatures that are very close to the cross-link temperatures of many coating materials, otherwise risk of pressure failure may occur due to the molecular change in the aluminum alloy.  In fact, it is necessary for product liability purposes to confirm that the aluminum cylinders have not at anytime exceeded the specified upper temperature limit.  It is for this reason that profiling is very critical.  Many companies require a Certificate of Conformance to insure the upper temperature limit was never exceeded.

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