Production Profiling improves sales of powder coating products

Total Quality Management (TQM) and quality driven management systems such as ISO 9000, QS-9000 and Community European (CE) marking have redefined the meaning of quality partnerships.  Many powder coaters have begun profiling all of their production runs, not only to reduce their product liability risks and reduce their operating costs, but also to send quality documents along with all of their shipments.  This proves quality to their existing customers by helping to ensure their long-term loyalty.

Manufacturing companies are sure to partner with finishing companies that have solid control systems.  Quality control tools are an essential investment in retaining customers not simply an expense.  Those who say what they do, do what they say, and are able to prove it, will prevail over those who pretend to be in control. These companies’ sales people are using this 100% quality documentation as a way to beat their competitors.  They are capitalizing on every opportunity to take their competitors’ customers and impress them with their quality system and documentation.  Additionally new developments in low temperature powder curing have opened doors of opportunity for powder coating.  Current applications of glass, wood and manufactured fiberboard are growing in popularity.

When applying powder coatings to MDF wood, high temperature plastics and composite materials temperature control is critical.  The substrate materials composition may breakdown at a temperature very close to the coatings cure temperature.  This thermal breakdown limitation on various nonmetallic substrates has limited the use of powder coating materials for many years.

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