Precautions when using powder coatings

  • The storage temperature is below 24℃, in a low temperature and dry environment.
  • Keep away from fire sources, avoid direct sunlight, and maintain good ventilation.
  • Do not expose the conductive powder coating to the air at will after use. The bag should be covered or tightly closed at any time to prevent debris from being mixed in.
  • All equipment used for painting must be properly grounded to eliminate static electricity.
  • Avoid unwarranted discharge from the coating machine.
  • In the powder spraying room, the concentration of floating dust should be controlled below the safe concentration as much as possible to avoid the risk of dust fire and explosion.
  • Equip powder recovery equipment to recycle excess powder.
  • Maintain air circulation in the spraying environment.
  • Avoid long-term contact with the skin. Powder attached to the skin should be washed clean with soapy water. Do not use solvents.
  • If your eyes are stained with powder, rinse them immediately with water or a special cleaning solution and send them to the hospital for treatment.

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