Luminous Powder coating- Glow In The Dark

Luminous Powder coating,Glow In The Dark


FEIHONG LPG series Luminous Powder coating ( Glow in the dark ) is a special powder coat that glows various colors in the dark. The coating absorbs the energy of sunlight or man-made light, and stores it, then releases it at night or in the dark, that is, absorption – glow – absorption again -glow again, with countless repetition , used for traffic facility or anywhere that is for warning or decoration.

FEIHONG LPG series is a polyester -based thermoset powder coating with TGIC or PRIMID as hardener, formulated to offer an excellent weather ability ,suitable for exterior use.

To optimize the glow effect, an appropriate base color (as the base coat ) is necessary .


  • Polyester or Polyurethane based
  • Good weather durable
  • Various glow colors
  • For interior or exterior
  • Glows keep for hours

For more specifications of Luminous Powder coating – Glow In The Dark, please contact us.

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