Agricultural Equipment

Polyester Powder Coating

Powder Coating for Agricultural Equipment

In the field of agriculture, many construction equipments,such as diggers,tractors,bulldozers take lots of abuse. So the coatings which protect them must be strong and high durable.

Our products display a multi-durable and excellent performance, and have been formulated to meet the highly demanding mechanical requirement such as adhesion,hardness,flexibility and impact resistance,etc.

With a high quality finish,tight color and harmonized colors,our products are widely used by more and more OEMs of agricultural and construction equipment in the world.

Product Key Characteristics:

  • Topcoat/single coat deliver excellent flow and high glossy properties
  • Primers deliver outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
  • high degassing properties and excellent flow
  • Single-layer decorative and is very flexible and deliver high corrosion protection

Products Range Available: