Advantages and disadvantages of powder coating

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Performance and quality:

  • 1.Tougher,more durable coatings;
  • 2. More impervious and corrosion resistant ;
  • 3.More consistent finishes.


  • 1.Ease of application;
  • 2.Fewer rejected parts ;
  • 3.Reduced cleanup ;
  • 4.Fast turnaround.


  • 1.Lower disposal costs;
  • 2.Lower energy costs
  • 3.Lower labor costs ;
  • 4.Lower reject costs ;
  • 5.Lower applied materials costs.

Environmental :

  • 1.Near 0VOC ;
  • 2.No sludge or solvent disposal;
  • 3.Virtually 100% efficient in material use;
  • 4.Reduced health ,fire,and safety hazards

Disadvantages of Powder Coating 

  1. Difficult to obtain Thin film: Thin films(25um) are more difficult to obtain with powder than with wet paint.
  2. Color changing is slower: Color change is much slower with powder coatings than with liquid paints.
  3. Powders can not be mixed:Powders can not be mixed with one another to obtain different colors.

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