Heat Transfer Process

In order to apply the Heat Transfer Process , the following equipment and materials are required .

  1. A Special transfer equipment
  2. A Special heat transfer powder coating to be sprayed and cured in a Coating Unit.
  3. Heat Transfer Paper or Film ( paper or plastic film carrying the desired effect printed with special sublimation inks.

Working Process

  1. Coating process: Using a heat transfer powder coating,coating process in a standard coating unit consists of three different steps: pretreatment ,spraying powder,curing.The coating layer works as a bed for sublimation ink to be transferred into.
  2. Wrapping transfer film: After cooling down from coating, the work piece is then wrapped with transfer film. Air will be vacuumed from inside in order to make the film perfectly adhere to the object.
  3. Curing: Running at a high temperature (between 200°C and 230°C),Film-Wrapped and vacuumed objects are then moved and cured in a special Oven, where sublimation inks are transferred from transfer film into the coating layer of the objects.
  4. Removing film: After the  curing time , pull out  the object from the oven and remove the film now devoid of  sublimation inks.
  5. Ready : The object is now fully decorated and ready for other working procedure (e.g. cutting assembly for windows and doors) or delivering to packaging units.
Benefits of the Process
  • Offering amazing decoration and improved mechanical performance for the substrate.
  • Available to apply on countless extrusions, laminates, 3D objects
  • It has an excellent aestethic output and easy and fast to obtain tailor-made effects
  • Easy to apply on all types of materials that can be coated and can resist temperatures of 200-230°C with no deformation
  • Minimum maintenance of  finishing

Video Introduction in Brief

heat transfer process