What the wood furniture manufacturer must know – Powder Coating

powder coating for wood furniture

We are often asked about the difference between powder coating and traditional liquid coating.
Most people are also interested in wanting to know more about the advantages of powder coating, many of which are incomparable to other coatings.

Powder coating is solvent-free 100% dry solid powder, and liquid coating needs solvent to keep liquid, so the most obvious difference is that the powder does not require solvents. Powder coating become more interesting due to its advantages. Let’s take a look at the six main benefits of wood powder coatings:


One of the greatest benefits of powder coating is zero formaldehyde, the powder itself does not contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. The hot processing for the wood before coating makes the formaldehyde composition volatilized ,and In the coating process, the wood is completely sealed by coating, and this stop the bacteria to grow, nor any harmful gas release.

furniture powder coating


Another great benefit of powder coating is the durability.
The wood section coated by powder is more prominent and resistant to most chemicals, moisture, heat and slight scratches than liquid paints. Chemical tests found that alcohol, household cleaners, inks, gases, and graphite powder almost would not affect the powder-coated part.


The powder flowability makes the part surface with shapes and contours easily get a flat surface. This gives products and designers more freedom to create art without worrying about the limitations of coating.


There are a lot of things to make powder coating more environmentally friendly. First of all, we can recycle the over-sprayed powder and the extra raw materials. Second, there are no volatile organic compounds, volatile harmful air pollutants, or heavy metals. No chemical solvents required, no waste water. You don’t have to worry about inhaling anything harmful because the powder coating does not release any pollution. Third, our curing equipment is very energy-saving. Finally, the wood used for powder spraying, medium density fiberboard (MDF), are made from recycled wood fibers.


Two factors make production process environmental protection also cost-effective. Our ability to recycle powder materials has benefited our customers. Capital costs are very competitive in the investment of powder spraying equipment. An automated and streamlined production line that seamlessly transfers parts from one to the next, save time and manpower, greatly reduce human error, one-time molding, also reduce the footprint.


We can provide customers with a wide variety of textures and have a nearly countless usable custom color of the furniture finished product. Effects include hammer tone, matte, glossy surface or wood grain, stone grain, and 3 D effect.

furniture powder coating

Wood Powder Coating can basically achieve any desired effect, it is difficult to believe that any other options will be considered. Powder finished products are universal, durable, environmentally friendly, cost-saving.

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