July, 2018

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Repair of parts and hanger stripping in powder coating

The methods of part repair after powder coating can be put into two categories : touch-up and recoat. Touch-up repair is appropriate when a small area of the coated part is not covered and is unable to meet finishing specifications. When hanger marks are not acceptable, touch-up is required. Touch-up also may be used to repair slight damage from handling, machining, or welding during assembly. Recoat is required when a part is rejected because of a large surface area defectRead More …

Why Powder Coating

ECONOMIC CONSIDERATIONS The excellence of the powder-coated finish is accompanied by substantial cost savings, when compared to liquid coating systems. Since powder contains no VOCs, air used to exhaust the powder spray booth can be recirculated directly to the plant, eliminating the cost of heating or cooling the makeup air. Ovens that cure solvent-based coatings must heat and exhaust huge volumes of air to ensure that the solvent fumes do not reach a potentially explosive level. With no solvent inRead More …

Troubleshooting – Output of Powder Insufficient to Coat Parts

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Troubleshooting – Powder Coating Finish-cured Films Appearance

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Troubleshooting – Powder Coating finish-cured film physical properties

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Troubleshooting To Collection and Reclamation operation

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Troubleshooting to overall electrostatic coating operation

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Troubleshooting to Hoses and pumps-Venturi operation

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The market for electronic components protective coatings exceed US$20 billion In 2025

electronic components protective coatings

A new report from GlobalMarketInsight Inc. shows that by 2025, the market for protective coatings for electronic components will exceed $20 billion. Electronic component protective coatings are polymers used on printed circuit boards (PCBs) to electrically insulate and protect components from environmental stresses such as moisture, chemicals, dust, and debris. These coatings can be applied using spray techniques such as brushing, dipping, manual spraying or automatic spraying. Increased use of portable electronic products, increased demand for automotive electronics applications, andRead More …

Troubleshooting to Fluidized bed operation

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