Troubleshooting To Collection and Reclamation operation

Problem,Cause and Remedy

Contamination in reclaim powderReclaim in-line sieve torn,missing or inoperableReplace sieve or repair as necessary
Powder or dirt falling in spray booth from conveyor or hangersClean conveyor regularly (or continuously) before entering powder spray booth. Strip hangers as needed
Contamination from parts entering spray boothCheck cleaning and pretreatment equipment and ensure proper part drainage before entering spray booth
Contamination from plant air circulated through spray boothIsolate spray booth area.
Preferably enclose in a room with filtered, humidity controlled air
Spray booth dusting inadequate air flow through spray boothBag or cartridge filters bindingClean or replace bags or cartridge filters.
Check spray booth air humidity.
Final filters cloggedCheck filter bags or cartridges for powder leakage. Repair or replace as needed.
Too large of open area in spray booth housingReduce open area.
Increased opening reduces booth air velocity.
Powder delivery (feed) too highReduce the number of spraying or the amount of powder to each gun
Troubleshooting To Collection and reclamation operation.

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