China has been active in development of powder coatings related to national standards and industry standards

At present, China has been active in development of powder coating related to national standards and industry standards, gradually standardize Powder Coating and coating industry organizations in the coordination of efforts to regulate the market, so that the powder coating paint market matures, and with international standards. Need of powder coating industry organizations, suppliers, research institutions, construction companies, joint efforts to constantly open up new areas, and in accordance with a reasonable choice for end-use, development and proper use of powder coating.

1 update our concepts, to eliminate the errors of the powder coating development

Powder coating company in China should be a breakthrough in the following several awareness of the errors:

  1. The powder coating remains simply as a general-purpose coating, ignoring the fine, dedicated, functional characteristics.
  2. Only concerned about the powder coating manufacturing technology, ignored its application technology.
  3. Production of powder coating and high enthusiasm, herd, but did not see its technical content, underestimated the difficulty of production technology.
  4. Some parts of the following phenomena, contention investment, new projects, low-level redundant devices on to the expansion of pure epitaxial development, eliminate bottlenecks, the connotation of tapping the potential of less; compete to expand the plant size (simply increase the number of production lines) alone increase the product yield of more than adjustment of product structure, improve quality, increase product variety and engage in less deep processing; stresses output value, dispute payment of more, to consider how to reduce cost less; many low-end products, high-grade, fine, special type of product less; less engage in each array, decentralized operations more than talk about the joint to engage in the Group.

Some time to come, if you do not get rid of these old ideas, does not overcome the low-level redundant construction, powder coating industry with foreign gap may be growing.

2 Development of powder coatings should establish and improve good corporate governance and operational mechanism to start

Many contradictions and problems in the field of powder coating in China, the surface is the result of extensive growth, essentially irrational enterprise operational mechanism has hindered the economic growth pattern. Specific performance as market and technological progress and the main position in the enterprise has not yet officially formed alone introduction is impossible to solve the backward mode of economic growth. The powder coating production enterprises and enterprise severe fragmentation, and units to implement the local protectionism, resulting in a number of manufacturing enterprises alone, thus contention raw materials, to fight the market, repeat the construction of a small production line are common occurrences.

Powder coating will be “free competition” in the future development of “monopolistic competition”, that is, the powder coating market in China will eventually be a monopoly by a few large powder coating companies. Relevant departments as soon as possible, local protectionism, the traditional concept of industry affiliation, powder coating out of the “country”, to the world. In addition, to strengthen cooperation (such as joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and group) can not be ignored, the implementation of the strategy of large companies, large corporations, large base and scale management.

3 to increase investment in science and technology, strengthen personnel training

The development and expansion of the company to develop superior products, a competitive advantage depends on the research and innovation capacity of enterprises, and domestic powder coating business in this great gap between the advanced foreign companies, need our entrepreneurs to use the strategic vision to re-recognize the direction of development. Although the introduction of technology can help us to start, but can not guarantee long-term development of the company, with the powder coating competition is increasingly fierce, the development of new products has become very important, powder coating companies should establish their own R & D system, and to step up their efforts and effective.

The powder coating is an emerging industry, through the reform of the enterprise system and operational mechanism, retain existing management, technical, marketing, talent is fundamental. In fact, the market competition between enterprises is essentially a competition of talent, technology, capital and enterprise mechanism, advanced production relations of competition, is above the flow of resources and optimize the portfolio. Only by addressing the institutions and mechanisms, in order to attract talent, development and expansion of enterprises.

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