The powder coating industry in China is in urgent need of legislation.

Powder coating industry in China over the past decade, the continued rapid growth, compared with developed countries, there are still some gaps.

1. powder coating a single species, low-grade, high-grade

Powder coating a single species specific performance is: compared with U.S. and European markets, the powder coating structure of the varieties compared with foreign countries is somewhat different, 12% epoxy powder coatings, epoxy polyester powder coatings accounted for 65% Polyester TGIC powder coatings accounted for 19%, 3% polyester / Primid powder coating, polyurethane powder coating (1%), powder coating of all varieties on the European and American markets, more balanced, indicating that the powder coatings market in China to over-reliance on household appliances and furniture industries.

2 confusion in the market, it is difficult to control

At present, about powder coating company more than 1,500, including foreign investment, joint ventures, state-owned and private companies such as various economic sectors. About 100 enterprises of the annual output of more than 400 tons, accounting for 50 percent of the country’s total output, but even the largest powder coating production enterprises also accounted for less than 8% of market share, combined with the powder coatings market is very fragmented, resulting in the production of powder coatingsdisorderly competition among providers, and each other to keep the prices down, the end result is to reduce the standard of product quality, reducing the living space of high-quality products.

For example, ordinary pure polyester powder coating spray on the road fence, outdoor lighting and other facilities, if you consider the quality of its gloss and color retention rate of at least five years, can play a very good decorative protective effect. If the price is allowed, can also increase its useful life. However, some manufacturers under the pressure of price competition, with part of the indoor powder substitute for outdoor powder, it is difficult to reach the required use of effects, affecting the stability of the powder coatings market.

3 technology into a small, special powder coating gap with foreign countries

International multi-grade powder coating companies, the fine characteristics to meet customer demand for the coating of the performance. Contrast, China’s commercial powder coating varieties, and the series, the fine is not enough, the special powder coating is still quite weak, while less than 2% of the market share of the special powder coating, and has not yet formed a large-scale production.
Our powder coating users to buy the product selectivity is small, the application is limited.To this end, each year had to spend a lot of foreign exchange to import some high-grade powder coating.

4 energy consumption, raw material consumption, poor economic

5.Low level of business management, operating mechanism is unreasonable
6.Lack of appropriate national standards, industry standards

Powder Coatings in China’s development has been for decades, but China is still a series of powder coatings national standards, industry standards, only a few scattered powder coating standards, enterprise standards varies greatly, and some follow the standard paint , and some apply to foreign standards, lack of unified understanding.

This is also an important cause of the powder coating industry disorderly competition.The powder coating industry in China in urgent need of legislation.

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