Gold nanoparticle coating to create magical light decoration

Recently, scientists from the University of California studyed and found that gold nanoparticles change colors when pressure occurs. It is understood that the scientist embedded the particles to the polymer film, film color is bright blue, but after pressure, it will turn red.

However, if the pressure is not very large, the color would show purple. In other words, the color change of film may reflect the presure degree.

nano coating

In fact hundreds of years ago, artists started using gold nanoparticles in their artistic creations to help them achieve the vivid color, such as the medieval stained glass Windows, it uses gold nanoparticles to present a bright red, silver nanoparticles to present contrasting yellow.

Born in 1600, the Lycurgus Cup is a success of using gold nanoparticles and AG nanoparticles to create great works of art, it can be generated color changes depending on the liquid pour. Of course, the Romans did not know how it works, but how did they make such a cup as well indeed make the people curious.

Gold nanoparticle coating

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Nano-coatings: effects of nano-material surfaces, small size, optical effects, quantum size effect and macro-quantum size effects and other special properties, can get new paint feature.

Gold nanoparticle coating: as in electronics, optics, chemical, paint and metal paint and other applications in the field of nano-precious metal attracted great interest. In particular in the application of paint pigments, gold is often used as art red pigment used in glass staining. With Nano-gold stained glass, has a unique red, fading for hundreds of years.

Nano-coating application example: due to the small size of nano-powders, with electromagnetic wave absorption performance, they are on a different wavelength of the radar wave and infrared has a strong absorption. Therefore, after coating modified by nano-particles can be used for military camouflage paint of Nano-particle size is much smaller than the wavelength of visible light 400~750nm, through the role, so as to ensure the transparency of Nano-composite coating with high. Nanoparticles to UV has strong absorption. Add wall architectural coatings of TiO2 and SiO2 nanoparticles to enhance weathering resistance, TiO2 in automotive finishes added to increase ageing resistance of automotive coatings and so on.

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