HEAT-SENSITIVE SUBSTRATES is popularly welcomed in coatings industry

In recent years, ongoing research and development has been devoted to formulating powder coatings that can cure at low temperatures, below 212ºF, without compromising durability or quality. These powders can be used on temperature-sensitive materials, as well as on massive parts that require enormous amounts of energy with other curing systems. Wood materials such as particle board and fiberboard, as well as glass and plastic products, can now benefit from a powder coated finish — products that would deform or emit VOCs at higher cure rates.

This technology has helped to penetrate markets for office furniture, kitchen cabinets, and ready-to-assemble furniture for homeowners. Preassembled components such as electrical motors, shock absorbers, foam-core doors, and other products that may have plastics, laminations, electrical wires, or rubber seals, can also receive a powder coated finish. In addition, heat-sensitive alloys such as magnesium can be powder coated.

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