Performance innovations in powder coatings industry

Hygienic Powder Coatings

Antibacterial powder coating recently developed can help prevent the spread of bacteria on products in homes, hospitals, restaurants and food-processing plants.

High Temperature Resistant Powders

Silicone-based powder coating are often used on products that are subjected to prolonged periods of high heat, up to 1,000ºF, and hold their color, gloss, and adhesion. Some of these products include gas and charcoal grills, fireplace inserts, engine exhaust components, and light fixtures.

Thin-Film Powders

Powder manufacturers are developing more powders for use in thin-film applications that range from 0.8–1.2 mils. These powders offer more with less-better powder penetration into recesses, more film thickness control and more effective first-pass transfer efficiency, with darker colors being the most effective in hiding the substrate underneath.

UV-Curable Powders

Specially formulated powders can cure by ultraviolet radiation in a matter of seconds, which is one way to cure products with heat-sensitive substrates or components. Many wood products have enough moisture content to provide sufficient conductivity, and electrostatic attraction can be increased by pretreating and preheating the wood to promote adhesion.

Near Infrared Curable Powders

Other specially formulated powders can be cured in a matter of seconds through near-infrared technology, due to the extremely high heat up rate. These powders can even work on some heat-sensitive materials, because the irradiated energy is almost entirely absorbed by the powder coatings layer.

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