carboxy acrylics compatibility with conventional electrostatic powder coating systems

One of the big advantages of the SC Johnson hydroxy and carboxy acrylics is their compatibility with conventional electrostatic powder coating systems. This makes it possible for custom coaters to use powders formulated with these chemistries on their application lines without fear of major contamination problems.

Hydroxy acrylic / IPDI systems can be formulated over a relatively wide gloss range. In lower gloss versions,they easily pass the new weathering requirements of the automotive industry . This makes them the preferred choice to date for automotive trim applications,even though they are quite brittle and are capable of withstanding only about 20 to 25 inch pounds of direct impact. Data from Florida weathering tests indicate that the lower gloss systems perform exceptionally well, showing little or no loss of gloss after 2 years of exposure. The high gloss acrylic/IPDI combinations tested somewhat better than polyurethanes but not better than advanced TGIC chemistries,however . Regardless of some shortcomings,this is currently the most commercially advanced chemistry of the new systems introduced in the past 5 years.

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