Weekly maintenance and inspection schedule for powder coating oven

Weekly maintenance and inspection schedule

Burner blower impeller and motor

The cleanliness of the fan impeller directly affects burner blower efficiency . Periodic cleaning keeps the blower in good condition,preventing premature bearing failure. Keep blower motors clean to avoid overheating, which can cause electrical failure. By simply removing dirt buildup on the motor housing and cooling fins, you can eliminate costly motor replacement.

Heater shell interior

Now is a good time to check the heater shell, or firebox,for cleanliness. Remove soot and other contaminants from this enclosure before they end up on your powder coated parts.

Fan lubrication

Weekly lubrication of the recirculation fan,exhaust fan,and air-seal fans,assures long bearing life and minimum oven downtime. Because of their location,the lubrication points may be accessible only on weekends when the oven is off. Since you are in that area, check and adjust the fan belts.

Fallen parts and hangers

With the oven off, now is a good time to remove fallen parts and hangers from the oven interior. Left there,they create impediments, guaranteeing conveyor hang-ups during production. Small parts can also block duct-work outlets and cause unbalanced oven airflow.


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