How to prevent your parts from being half baked-Powder coating oven

Powder coating ovens are an integral part of any powder coatings system. Problems with them can mean the difference between having fully cured parts or having field failures,such as coating adhesion difficulties. With little effort ,a cure oven can consistently provide the energy required to cure the applied powder coat. Convection ovens ,on the one hand,are the most complex type of cure system,requiring the most upkeep.burners,blowers,duct work,and associated moving parts need periodic preventive maintenance. Infrared systems,on the other hand, are relatively simple to maintain because they do not hae moving parts (except for exhaust fans). As long as the emitters are in good operating condition and properly aimed, they can continue to cure your powder coated parts. The focus of this article,therefore ,will be on maintaining a convection cure oven.

Preventive maintenance

Your first line of defense is to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Periodic inspection and maintenance can go a long way in eliminating costly downtime or rejected parts. The most important things to check are the oven’s air balance, cleanliness,bearing lubrication, components,and safety devices. Following are weekly,monthly,and annual maintenance schedules that have proved to be effective in keeping cure ovens tuned up.

Weekly maintenance and inspection schedule.

Flame failure detector

This important safety device must work properly to prevent raw fuel from entering the oven. An explosion could be imminent if this device is not functioning correctly. Review your oven manufacturer’s recommendations for procedures to check this important device.

Ignitor and burner

Check your oven’s ignition system to see if the spark is strong enough to ignite the fuel mixture. Transformers ,spark plugs,ignition wires,and controls should be visually and electrically inspected. The burner should produce a bluish flame in natural gas systems. If it does not adjust the fuel-to-air mixture to eliminate costly fuel consumption and soot deposition in the oven .

Burner air filter

To assure that the burner air supply is sufficient for clean combustion,check the air filter(if installed). This device also filters contaminants from the air before they enter the oven,minimizing oven dirt.

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