Monthly maintenance and inspection schedule for cure oven

Monthly maintenance and inspection schedule

Fuel safety shutoff valves

These valves stop the fuel supply in an emergency. Check all manual and motorized fuel valves to see if they are operating properly.

Fan and airflow interlocks

Now is the time to inspect the air switches that regulate air movement and fan operation . These devices assure that that the oven is purged properly before ignition. They also assure that the fans are providing the correct air movement in and out of the oven. It’s a good idea to check the time delay circuit for oven purging now.

Conveyor interlocks

If your oven has an interlock system to the conveyor , check to see if it is working properly . An interlock system automatically turns down the oven temperature if the conveyor stops. Following your manufacturer’s instructions, do a simple electrical check within the control panel .

Limit switches and high-low fuel pressure interlocks Limits switches that eliminate problems,such as fan wheel failures, when temperature of more than 450F are reached should be checked next . Also check the high-low fuel pressure interlocks in the gas valve train.  Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when adjusting these devices.

Explosion-relief latches

Oven doors not only provide access to the oven interior but also relieve pressure caused by an oven explosion. Make sure the explosion-relief latches are lubricated and able to move freely without interference. Don not store objects in front of and along side of these doors.

Gas drip leg

The gas valve train has a drip leg with a petcock,or small valve ,that drains sediment from the gas supply line. Drain the drip leg monthly so sediment does not clog burner components down stream .

Oven cleanliness

Oven dirt is a typical problems in many powder coatings systems.Monthly cleanup will assure the highest coating quality on your production parts. Be sure to vacuum the oven walls and floor,duct-work interior , and conveyor components (support steel, wheel turns ,rails ,and so on).Using a damp mop on these surfaces also helps remove contaminants.

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