MDF gets more benefits from powder coating

MDF (medium density fiberboard) and other woody materials, powder coating has attracted the attention of a growing number of wood processing industry. They want to change the traditional MDF coating systems, such as changes in the PVC veneer or liquid paint to powder coating.

The advantages of MDF powder coating spray over the past ten years, almost like powder coating and metal surface has been highly recognized. Powder coating with good scratch resistance and stain resistance, while providing a variety of colors and the choice of different surfaces. In addition, the powder coating is environmentally friendly production process, do not use solvents, heavy metals and halogenated compounds. The utilization of automatic spraying and powder recovery equipment with the help of powder can reach almost 100%. In addition, when the powder coating is complete without the handling of hazardous waste. The high efficiency of the powder coating is not only environmental advantages but also brings the effective cost advantage.

Powder coating in addition to its well-known advantages, the wood processing industry is also very much appreciate the new opportunities brought about by the MDF powder coating. For example, the furniture designers and interior architects have begun to take full advantage of powder coating to provide them with the design of new freedom. In the modern and stylish furniture powder coating of samples and finished in a variety of furniture trade show, clearly reflect the new freedom on the design of the uniform coating of powder coating MDF to the designers. Technology development to the front of the MDF, followed, on the edge of the same kind of powder coating to spray. Therefore, the the Hemming processing is no longer necessary. And powder spray curing immediately packaging and transportation to customers. Powder coating with the help of the MDF board and the edge of the design is almost no limit: the arc, a variety of vivid shape, surface sculpture and other shapes in the same way spraying.

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