Titanium dioxide to improve the quality of polyester epoxy powder coating

Into the details of the competition in the powder coating industry,paint coatings have been included in the investigation link.Polyester epoxy powder coating to improve the quality of the process, a high degree of titanium dioxide in an important position,because we recognize the titanium dioxide polyester epoxy powder coating product quality has become a part of.

Become one of the most important products in many powder coating products, polyester epoxy powder coating for its outstanding performance. Composed of polyester resin, epoxy resin, fillers and additives.According to the Association of epoxy resin industry experts, the polyester-epoxy powder coating pigments include a variety of titanium dioxide, chrome yellow, iron green, red iron oxide, iron oxide yellow, Fast Yellow G, phthalocyanine green, phthalocyanine blue BGS, red of BBN, red, Permanent Red F3RK, Permanent Red F5RK such as carbon black varieties.Where white powder is commonly used white pigment in white polyester epoxy powder coating. In accordance with the commonly used white polyester epoxy powder coating formulations for different types of titanium dioxide, A0101, R940, R902, R244, R930, R706.

Comparison test, you can find different types of titanium dioxide white polyester epoxy powder coating.

Different types of titanium dioxide, due to the manufacturing process, the crystal form and surface treatment methods, its chemical composition and nature of the chemical reactivity of the polyester-epoxy powder coating and dispersion, the gel time of the powder coating have a significant impact, and the melting of the level of mobility will also affect the mobility of the coating, gloss, color and resistance to impact. The data show that the preparation of powder coating of anatase titanium dioxide (A0101) than rutile (R type) titanium dioxide powder coating formulated, the activity of large, short gel time, the melt level of mobility, poor coating formation, low-gloss . Rutile titanium dioxide between technical indicators are also significant differences.

According to the powder coating performance requirements, able to meet a variety of powder coating and coating performance requirements of the titanium dioxide is very important. The study shows that the extinction polyester epoxy powder coating, anatase titanium dioxide, rutile titanium dioxide make it easier for coating discolored or yellowed, so this paint system is the best use of rutile titanium dioxide.

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