Atlanta launched a new ship metal epoxy powder coating

Headquartered in Maryland, USA, Atlanta, powder coating company in Stevensville, a dedicated, metal coating for marine vessels, design of new metal epoxy powder coating products to market. Marine vessels to use the metal to face the harsh external environment, such as sun exposure, moist air and seawater corrosion, degradation of the metal soon,which will not only destroy the appearance of the ship,but also affect the use of performance resin to be dangerous. Marine vessels, coating performance requirements are very high, this powder coating company in Atlanta to take a joint R & D, located in Florida, polyester and epoxy powder coating manufacturer – crosslinked powder coating company involved in the development of this new powder coating, salt spray test showed that the excellent weather resistance of the coating, including color retention, gloss retention, abrasion resistance, and many other resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance, even more than the traditional high-performance liquid coating.

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