low temperature and UV powder coatings bring the benefits to heat sensitive substrates

Powder coating provides a durable, attractive and economical alternative to liquid paints and laminates for a wide range of heat-sensitive products such as glass and plastic materials. Powder coatings are dry, 100 percent solids paints that are spray-applied in a process similar to liquid painting. Once coated, products are conveyed through a curing oven, where the powder melts to form a durable, attractive finish.

Powder coatings have long been the finish of choice for lawn & garden equipment, home appliances and metal furniture. Today, a new generation of low-cure-temperature and ultraviolet UV powder coatings bring the benefits powder coating to MDF, plastics, wood and other heat-sensitive substrates.

Low-cure-temperature and UV powder coatings for wood are best suited for products manufactured from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) materials. Manufacturers of MDF products such as cabinetry and shelving can benefit by adding powder coating to their operation.

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