A rising star of the powder coating industry-wood powder coating

Wood powder coating is a powder coating, mainly used in the home industry fiberboard. Wood powder, solvent-free, non-polluting, recyclable, environmentally friendly, saving energy and resources, reduce labor intensity and coating mechanical strength, and welcomed by the majority of consumption.

It is understood that the domestic use and production of wood flour are not many large-scale production only Tiger, too Lun Powder Coatings Limited. Domestic wood flour status and future development trends, we interviewed the person in charge of Mr. Wang of the tiger paint wood powder production. Learned in the communication process: the wood flour in the domestic market is still in the early stages of development, a lot of production equipment imported from abroad, especially as some of the control equipment. Another MDF powder coating with a high technological content, such as: to achieve high-quality spray effect, it is necessary to ensure that the fiberboard edge of the long-term does not crack, which requires to master the medium-density wood board quality control, design and control of the coating line, the performance of the powder coating design and the final quality testing and assurance of four aspects of the technology, the current of this technology is not very mature, this is cause there is no large-scale production of the main reasons. In the communication process, he half-jokingly said that the wood powder is like a “potential shares” in the future there will be much room for development.

It is understood that, there are a lot of furniture designers and interior architects have begun to take full advantage of powder coating to provide them with the new freedom in design. IKEA in the last November meeting, at home spraying in the future will be mainly to wood powder-based, it can prove, wood flour in the domestic paint market has been a certain degree of attention, the development of domestic industry provides great business opportunities for the development of wood powder.

Wood powder coating as a domestic powder coating industry from a product, although still in a fledgling stage, but according to statistics, China fiberboard with an annual output of more than one hundred million cubic meters. MDF (medium density fiberboard), the annual output of about 30 million cubic meters of 16mm specifications operator, light MDF there are about 1.8 billion square meters. With the technological development, outside of MDF fiberboard such as popcorn and board, etc. can also be powder coating, has greatly improved in the future development of space.

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