Smart Coatings market will reach US$6.27 billion in 2022

Smart Coatings market

In 2017, the smart paint market reached 2.15 billion U.S. dollars. It grew at a compound annual growth rate of 23.87%, and it is expected to reach 6.27 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Smart coatings are used in many applications in the end-user industries such as automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, marine, and construction, especially in China, India, and Brazil. Emerging technologies and innovations drive the demand for smart coatings in these industries. It is expected that the smart paint market will see strong growth in the next five years.

From the point of view of the research and development of intelligent coatings, the realization of the intelligentization of coating performance can go through three basic steps. The first is the choice of additives. Suitable additives need to have unique performance, enough to meet the requirements of “intelligent” performance in the formulation; followed by the selection of coating resin base, pigments and raw materials, which cannot meet the single performance requirements. The basic properties of the coating, but can meet the basic performance of the coating through the formulation, including various mechanical properties and resistance, etc.; again is to achieve the performance feedback of coating coating to the outside environment.

At present, there are several major types of smart coatings, one is environmental feedback, including sensor coatings, thermal and pressure sensitive coatings, and the other is nano applications, including self-healing coatings, optical coatings, and superconducting coatings. Etc.; one type is biologically active type, including antibacterial coatings, bio-based coatings, photo-initiated and bio-initiated coatings, etc., and the other one is innovative coating materials, including super-hydrophobic coatings, self-lubricating coatings and self-sacrificial coatings.
 smart coatings

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