Electrostatic Paints

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Using a flattened top laser to remove paint from metal

Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly cleaning technique and has attracted much attention in the industry. Due to its superior characteristics, laser cleaning has proved to be very successful in the cleaning of polymers, rubber tire molds, large mirrors,magnetic head sliders,artworks and historical heritage pieces, and semiconductor chips with surface particles. However, the early application of laser cleaning techniques had a relatively low cleaning efficiency. Although there has been successful applications of laser cleaning to remove paint from a metalRead More …

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Electrostatic Painting Process

Electrostatic painting is a process in which a spray gun tip is electrostatically charged; making the paint charged electrically; thereby allowing the paint to be attracted to a grounded surface. This process wastes almost no paint through normal air flow, wind, or dripping. This is because the paint particles are actually attracted to the surface you are painting like a magnet. However, in order for the process to work the object you are painting has to be grounded. Electrostatic sprayingRead More …

how to ensure the smoothness of the film while electrostatic painting

What factors will affect the smoothness of the coating The powder coating electrostatic spray coating thickness of the thicker, the surface tends to the more formation. The powder paint coating formation, the main factor is the particle size distribution of the scattered state of the melt viscosity, paint and curing agent. Generally, the melt viscosity resins to obtain smooth coating of the coating thickness of 40μm, the maximum particle size of the powder size is about 60μm. The coating thicknessRead More …