Factors affecting the utilization of electrostatic spraying

The main parameters affecting the utilization of electrostatic spraying comprising: the type of nebulizer, the level of electrostatic spray parameters, the conductive,etc.

Businesses use spray equipment decided to paint utilization factors, has a very different because of the different paint spraying equipment utilization.

Nebulizer paint utilization of mainstream spraying equipment and childhood to greatly:

  • Ordinary air gun,
  • Electrostatic air spray gun
  • Spinning cup

Second, spraying environment for the utilization of paint, such as the presence or absence of and electrostatic high and low, difference in the electrostatic environment in the construction was very obvious. Especially electrostatic spraying paint particles are electrically charged lead paint adsorption to the workpiece, therefore need to reach the rapid transfer charge of the charged particles of the workpiece surface, to maintain the voltage difference between the workpiece surface and the lance, to ensure that the space between the electric field strength is very critical for the coating transfer rate and therefore the grounded state of the workpiece will directly affect the coating particularly evident when the poor conductivity of the workpiece utilization. plastics, wood, etc.

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