Six advantages of powder coating spraying in aluminum surface treatment

Aluminum surface treatment in general anodizing, electrophoretic coating and powder coating spraying three kinds of treatment, each of these methods have their own advantages, a considerable market share.

Among them, the powder coating spraying there are the following significant advantages:

1.The process is relatively simple, mainly due to automatically improve the accuracy of the production process equipment, microcomputer control some of the major technical parameters can effectively reduce the difficulty of process operation, and auxiliary equipment is greatly reduced;

2.High yield, under normal circumstances, if the appropriate measures to maximize control of nonconforming product generation;

3.Energy consumption is significantly reduced in the ordinary anodizing, electrophoretic coating production process, water, electricity consumption is quite large, especially in the oxidation process. Rectifier output current can be achieved between 8000 ~ 11000A, voltage between 15 ~ 17.5V, coupled with the machine itself, heat consumption, with the circulating water to cool, tons of power consumption is often around 10 degrees. reduction in ancillary facilities can reduce power consumption;

4.Of water, the degree of pollution of the atmosphere to reduce the caustic soda, sulfuric acid and liquid organic solvents are no longer in use, reduce water and air pollution, improve the competitive strength of aluminum and steel profiles as environmentally friendly products, the corresponding reduced production costs;

5.Labor intensity is significantly reduced, the way of feeding and the use of the fixture has been significantly simplified due to the automated assembly line operations, improve productivity, reduce labor intensity;

6.The surface quality of the wool standards required significantly reduced, powder coating and can completely cover the surface profile extrusion lines, to cover part of the aluminum surface defects and improve the surface quality of aluminum finished products;

7. film some physical indicators than other surface treatment membrane has significantly improved, such as hardness, wear resistance, which can effectively extend the life of the aluminum.

The powder coating spraying is used in powder coating process on the use of electrostatic spraying, the use of the spray gun of the role of friction, to accelerate the wind under the influence of the powder particles carry a positive charge, the spray gun body contact with profiles with a negative charge, resulting in electrostatic adsorption, and then curing at high temperatures. Also enhanced the adsorption strength of the coating to prevent the film off.

From the process itself, has a very high technological content, the deployment of different colors of paint to produce the decorative effect of different color, more in line with the needs of interior decoration, is also associated with aluminum in the construction industry applications to the interior development trend the same. Coating profiles with insulating joint use of the broken bridge, to make it more and more fashionable trend, so that the powder coating profiles with more room for development, but also other approach produced profiles can not be replaced.

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