Types of powder coating dispersants

Powder coating dispersants are a type of dispersant used to assist pigments and fillers in powder coatings. Its function is to evenly disperse solid particles into liquid media to ensure that the powder coating has good rheology, stability and uniformity. There are many types of powder coating dispersants. Several commonly used powder coating dispersants are introduced below.

  1. Organic solvents: Organic solvents are a common powder coating dispersant. It can interact with powder particles to help disperse the particles. The selection of organic solvents should be determined according to the characteristics of pigments and fillers to ensure good compatibility and dispersion.
  2. Surfactants: Surfactants are substances that can reduce the surface tension of liquids. In powder coatings, surfactants can reduce the attraction between particles and help the particles disperse evenly. Common surfactants include nonionic, cationic and anionic surfactants. Select appropriate surfactants according to the needs of the coating.
  3. Dispersing resin: Dispersing resin is an additive used for rheology and dispersibility in powder coatings. It can form a stable dispersion system with pigments and fillers, effectively improving the dispersibility of powder coatings. The selection of dispersing resins should be determined according to the purpose and performance requirements of the coating.
  4. Matrix construction: Matrix construction is a method of achieving the dispersibility of powder coatings by attaching to solid particles and forming a stable dispersion system. The choice of matrix construction should be determined based on the characteristics of pigments and fillers to ensure good adhesion and dispersibility.
  5. Dispersing aid: Dispersing aid is an additive used to improve the dispersibility of powder coatings. It can interact with pigments and fillers to help particles disperse evenly and improve the stability and durability of the coating.

In addition to the above common powder coating dispersants, there are other auxiliary dispersants, such as pH adjusters, rheological agents, etc., which can be selected and adjusted according to production needs and coating performance requirements. In short, the selection of powder coating dispersants should take into account the purpose of the coating, performance requirements, and the characteristics of pigments and fillers to ensure the best dispersion effect.

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