Polyester epoxy powder coating

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Advantages of Epoxy Polyester Hybrids

Smart Coatings market

Epoxy powder coatings based on newer technology are known as epoxy-polyester “hybrids” or “multipolymer” systems. This group of powder coatings could be considered simply part of the epoxy family, except that the high percentage of polyester utilized (often more than half the resin) makes that classification misleading. The properties of these hybrid coatings are more closely akin to epoxies than polyesters, with a few notable exceptions. They show similar flexibility in terms of impact and bend resistance, but produce slightlyRead More …

Titanium dioxide to improve the quality of polyester epoxy powder coating

Into the details of the competition in the powder coating industry,paint coatings have been included in the investigation link.Polyester epoxy powder coating to improve the quality of the process, a high degree of titanium dioxide in an important position,because we recognize the titanium dioxide polyester epoxy powder coating product quality has become a part of. Become one of the most important products in many powder coating products, polyester epoxy powder coating for its outstanding performance. Composed of polyester resin, epoxyRead More …