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The main advantages of NCS – Natural Color System

NCS colour

NCS is the first choice for professionals engaged in sales, promotion and production in various industries.It is also the first choice for daily work of users such as designers, architects and teachers. Universal color language The colors described by the NCS system are consistent with those seen by our eyes and are not limited by language, materials, and culture. In the NCS system, we can define any surface color, and no matter what material is based on it, we canRead More …

NCS is short for Natural Color System

ncs color

NCS Introduction NCS is short for Natural Color System. It is the world’s most prestigious color system and the most widely used international color standard and color communication language in practice. It is the highest color quality standard required available internationally. NCS natural color system has been widely used in many fields such as color research and education, planning and design, industry and production, corporate image, commerce, and so on. It is used in many industries such as textiles, clothing,Read More …

Munsell Color Description

Related Article: Munsell Color Chart Munsell Color Description for rough reference Code Description 10B2.5/1 Bluish black 10B3/1 Dark bluish grey 10B4/1 Dark bluish grey 10B5/1 Bluish grey 10B6/1 Bluish grey 10B7/1 Light bluish grey 10B8/1 Light bluish grey 10BG2.5/1 Greenish black 10BG3/1 Dark greenish grey 10BG4/1 Dark greenish grey 10BG5/1 Greenish grey 10BG6/1 Greenish grey 10BG7/1 Light greenish grey 10BG8/1 Light greenish grey 10G2.5/1 Greenish black 10G3/1 Dark greenish grey 10G4/1 Dark greenish grey 10G5/1 Greenish grey 10G6/1 Greenish grey 10G7/1 Light greenish grey 10G8/1 Light greenish grey 10GY2.5/1 Greenish black 10GY3/1 Dark greenish grey 10GY4/1 Dark greenish grey 10GY5/1 Greenish grey 10GY6/1 Greenish grey 10GY7/1 Light greenish grey 10GY8/1 Light greenish grey 10R2/0 Black 10R2/1 Reddish black 10R2/2 Very dusky red 10R2/3 Very dusky red 10R2/4 Very dusky red 10R2/5Read More …

Powder Paint Color – Crocodile skin powder coating paints

Crocodile skin powder coating is suitable for only INTERIOR USE. Available in high coverage power version, convenient to mask pretreatement problems. Available in general curing temperature version, time and curing temperature . Available in hybrid,polyester and polyurethane resin system.

Powder Paint Colors- antique silver copper bronze powder paint

DVANTAGES: Good chemical resistance Excellent chemical property Excellent flexibility Recommend for exterior APPLICATION AREAS: It is widely used for outdoor furniture, architectural hardware, air-conditioners, bicycle frames, garage doors and signboard ect. Architectural hardware, aluminum profile, spaying on the aluminum of the doors and windows Road signs stake, auto industry Traffic apparatus: the accessory or hoop of the automobile and motorcycle, bicycle body and road bar House hold appliance: the outer cover of air conditioner and gas stove board Family apparatus:Read More …

Powder Paint Color-Graphite Grey Silver

< COLORS < Metallic/Alumi/Pearl/Silver Code: QHB71001 Color: Graphite Grey Silver Usage:For Interior/exterior Gloss: >80% Layer: Single coat Finish: Smooth Graphite grey color with shinny silver spots

Powder Paint Color- Aluminum Silver

< COLORS < Metallic/Alumi/Pearl/Silver Code: QHG81001 Color: Silver Aluminum Usage:For Interior Gloss: >80% Layer: Single coat Finish: Smooth aluminum grey color with silver spots

Silver Green/ PMG60007N – Green color with shiny silver spots

< COLORS < Candy Silver Code: PMG60007N Color: Silver Green Usage:For Interior Gloss: >90% Layer: Single coat Finish: Green color with shiny silver spots Description: Pearl Silver Green RAL6018 Powder Coating Paint Color SEND INQUIRY

Powder Paint Color- Chrome Mirror,Luster Silver,Metallic Orange Silver

The following photos (powder paint colors – chrome mirror,luster silver,metallic orange silver) are the real sampling inspection from the production.

Chameleon paint application in construction industry

Introduction to Chameleon paint Chameleon paint is a kind of a special paint with other substances to produce color changes. General categories: temperature change and ultraviolet light discoloration of paint paint, different angles, natural light color changing paint (Chameleon). Temperature variation inside the paint containing heating may cause chemical reactions and colour-changing microcapsules, UV color-microcapsules containing color photographic encounters ultraviolet colors inspired the show colors. Chameleon paint forming principle Chameleon paint is the core technology of new Nano car paint.Read More …