Color difference standard of powder coating

The color difference standard of powder coating can be divided into two common standards, namely △E and NCS standards.

△E is an international color difference standard, which indicates the color difference between different samples. The lower the color difference value, the smaller the color difference between samples and the more similar the colors.

The NCS standard is a color standard system developed by the Swedish Color Association (The Natural Colour System). It divides colors into 6 basic colors and 15 intermediate colors. By adjusting the ratio and brightness of these colors, almost unlimited color combinations can be achieved.

The specific color difference standard of powder coating needs to be determined according to product requirements and industry standards. Generally, the color difference can be evaluated by measuring the △E value or NCS value of the sample by a colorimeter. Generally speaking, higher color difference standard requirements will lead to higher color consistency, but will also increase the difficulty of coating production and quality inspection.

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