Motivation for using UV powder coating technology

UV powder coating users were asked to prioritize their key motivations for using the technology. Speed is the number-one answer, cited for its contributions to improved productivity, lower costs and its ultimate effect of raising manufacturing capacity. Environmental compliance used to be the prime motivator for using the technology but, while still important, ranked lower in the most recent survey. Respondents stressed that the use of UV is based on business decisions related to profitability and value, and because in many cases it offers a performance advantage. Respondents ranked their reasons for using UV technology in the following order:

  • Increased speed (improved productivity and lower costs)
  • Improved properties
  • Environmental compliance
  • Enabling technology
  • Cost effective
  • Reduced space

As UV powder coating technology continues to grow, suppliers are expanding their operations, new companies are entering the field, and economies of scale have improved. Recent advances show the continued progress of the technology leading to lower costs, better materials, increasing customer awareness and the availability of more and better formulations.

When reviewing the most important limitations to adopting UV powder coating technology, most revolve around a basic theme: The industry still has a big job to do in educating potential customers about the technology. Overcoming these barriers requires better education about capital equipment cost justification for the process; about the need to look at applied costs rather than just cost per gallon or pound (for formulations); and about the health and safety characteristics of UV and EB, which generally compare favorably with traditional processes.

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