Application of pearlescent paint in construction industry

With mechanicals of high decorative paint coating (high distinctness of image, high brightness, high flash colored) increasing demand, pearlescent paint has a pearl effect, flash effect and color varying with angles effect of metallic, its application gradually is increased.

Different colors at different angles

Metallic pigments and pearlescent pigments in the coating film alignment state a greater impact on the flop effect. That is at the same angle of incidence changes with the perspective of the viewer, the film’s intense brightness variations occur. If the flake pigment was not regularly arranged in the coating film, the light irradiation rendered diffuse reflection on these pigments, flip-flop effect is small; if the flake pigment in the coating film are arranged in a regular orientation presentation, the incident Light reflected from the surface presented in its orientation, resulting in a certain angle, the reflected light intensity is large, while in other angles, light intensity are weak, resulting in a strong flop effect.

Pearlescent paint forming principle

Metallic paint, also known as metallic paint, because doping subtle metallic pigments (such as aluminum particles, copper, etc.) in the paint named, metallic paint on the outside, but also add a layer of varnish to protect it. After the formation of the film, metallic pigment were at different levels of alignment, after the light shines on the metal particle, the particle has been reflected through the film, so it looks like the same as in the glittering metal. Change the shape and size of the metal powder particles, you can control the flash of metallic paint.

Also known as mica paint pearl paint is a metallic paint, because the paint is added pearlescent pigment named. Produce pearl effect is due to the addition of titanium dioxide and iron oxide-coated mica pigments.

(1) Light shines on the mica particles, first put on titanium dioxide and iron oxide color.
(2) After the incident particle uniformity, small particle size pigment flakes, and the occurrence of complex refraction and interference.
(3) combined with mica itself has a special, transparent sense of color. After two such visible reflected light the two reflected light interference effect under certain conditions in the titanium dioxide film and the mica surface. Thus, the visible light through multiple reflections and refraction, back into people’s eyes, therefore, pearl paint giving a colorful, dazzling, like pearls sense of depth and layering pieces in glittering.

Pearlescent paint Performance in application

Painting Process Note: pearlescent paint gloss paint from the deep, pearl powder is a transparent thin small pieces, the more transparent medium, the less loss of light. Therefore, in paints process to try to avoid the use of shielding pigments and additives can lead to turbidity. In the film, the arrangement pearlescent pigment coating film and the film parallel to the surface as far as possible, to present a more brilliant pearl effect. Therefore, the coating process, try to let the wet film to generate sufficient liquidity to ensure that pigment particles can automatically achieve parallel alignment. Such as Sany pump truck, crane vehicle metallic pearl paint, Terex Cranes cab pearl paint, XCMG cranes, fire engines used on its flashing diamond paint and other metallic pearl effect and become the focus of the show shine .

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