Safety control during powder coating application


The application of ” Explosion Suppression Equipment ” such as a fire extinguishing system that commonly uses halogen gases propelled by pyrotechnic devices can stop an explosion from occurring within the collection system.


Design of the spray booth and recovery system can aid in worker safety.  The booth opening, velocity of airflow must be arranged to assure the capture and containment of over-sprayed powder.  The fan capacity of the recovery system must be sized to assure that enough air is drawn through the booth to prevent formation of explosive powder/air concentrations.


Since electrically isolated conductive objects in the area of an electrostatic spray gun may accumulate sufficient charge to form arcs to ground, it becomes necessary for the finisher to thoroughly ground all conductive objects in the spray area.  This must include the conveyor and parts carried by it, all components of the spray booth, ductwork, and recovery system, and the operator himself.


Sprinkler systems can only react when the heat intensity is high enough to melt the lead retainer.  Unfortunately by that time the fire, and/or explosion, would be out of control.  Make sure and take extra care around your sprinkler system. If the lead retainer is accidentally bumped during the cleaning operation the sprinklers will start and the water will enter the collection system and cause hours, if not days, of down time to replace filters and dry out the recovery system.

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