Location of stoving ovens

The stoving oven should be situated at least 1m from the powder spraying installation and arranged so that powder cannot accumulate or be spilled near to the oven,its air intakes,hot surfaces or any electrical apparatus.Air movement within the oven should not be so high as to blow off powder from the work piece before fusion .

The clean air change requirement of the oven should be known and visibly marked on the oven.

For conveyor ovens and especially those using radiant heat sources,an interlock should be provided to significantly reduce or shut down the energy source if the conveyor stops ,in order to prevent overheating and possible ignition of the powder coatings or workpiece.

Gas and oil fired ovens should be provided with explosion relief panels which can operate effectively to prevent the pressure in the oven building up to dangerous levels in the event of a gas or fuel oil explosion. The explosion relief should be located so as not to discharge towards the powder spraying installation or into occupied areas.

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