Zinc Rich Primer is an organic zinc rich primer for steel and ferrous metals

Zinc Rich Primer is an organic zinc rich primer for steel and ferrous metals that combines the resistance properties of epoxy and the galvanic protection of zinc.This is a pure zinc epoxy base one-package primer.

This high performance epoxy compound fuses zinc to the metal substrate and protects against corrosion equal to Hot Dip Galvanizing (meets and exceeds ASTM A780 specification for touch-up and repair of Hot Dip Galvanize).  Clearco Zinc Rich Primer is self-healing, and prevents creepage even when the surface is penetrated or scratched.

Uses include: Coastal and marine exposures, refineries, water treatment plants, chemical plants, pulp and paper facilities and applications including touch up and repair of inorganic zinc coatings and galvanic metal.Topcoating: After curing, it may be coated with conventional primers and finishes such as epoxy, coal tar epoxy, vinyls, phenolics, urethanes, acrylics & chlorinated rubbe


Surface shall be dry, 5°F above dew point with air temperatures greater than 50°F…must be free of rust bloom. For air-atomized spray: reduce 10 to 20% with 100 percent flash Aromatic Solvent or Xylol for improved atomization.Fluid tips of 070” and air caps delivering 9-10 CFM at 30 lbs. PSI are acceptable.  A 3/8” to ½” material hose is recommended.

For airless spray:  use .023 to .029 tips with 900 lbs to 1,800 lbs. Fluid pressure. Material should be kept under constant slow speed agitation during process If further thinning is required, add 1 to 4% Xylol, Xylene or Mineral Spirits to reach desired consistency. Double lap all welds, seams, corners & edges to ensure film thickness. Make even parallel passes  with 50% overlap to provide uniformity

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