Dip coating methods and techniques

(1)The thickness of the film decided to object to enhance the rate and the viscosity of the liquid paint. Control the viscosity of the liquid paint according to the above requirements, in accordance with the maximum degree in film 30um, depending on the equipment, experiments to determine the appropriate upgrade rate. Click here to enhance the rate evenly be coated object. Enhance the rate and thin film; enhance the rate is slow, the film is thick and uneven.

(2)Dip coatingoperation sometimes caused to be painted, the lower part of the film has a thickness difference, especially the lower edge of the painted hypertrophy accumulation. In order to improve the coating of decorative paint brush by hand to get rid of excess accumulation of drops in small quantities dip can also be used centrifugal force or electrostatic attraction device to get rid of the paint drip.

(3)Dip coating for wooden pieces can not be too long in order to avoid inhalation of excessive coating, resulting in slow drying and waste.

(4)large objects dipping should be solvent basic volatile and then into the drying room. Check the thick coating of coating parts of the sticky finger prints prevail.

(5)Determination of the coating viscosity constant attention, each class should be measured 1 to 2 times the viscosity, the viscosity increases more than 10% of its original viscosity, should be supplemented with the solvent. Add solvent dipping operations should be stopped, mixing evenly, the determination of viscosity, and then continue operating.

(6)Should be installed to hang the object to be painted. Pre-test Baptist Rack and racking in the best position to ensure that the workpiece in the dipping while dip coating. Painted plane should be close to perpendicular to the other plane and the horizontal was 10 ° to 40 ° angle, I paint coating surface can shed more fluent, try not to produce a pocket paint or “air bag” phenomenon.

(7)In order to prevent the diffusion of the solvent in the workshop and dust falling into the paint tank, the Impregnation trough should be protected. Operating outside of time, small Impregnation slot shall be affixed to the Impregnation slot paint clean emissions, while the solvent cleaning.

(8)To enhance the ventilation equipment to prevent the solvent vapor hazards; attention to the arrangements and periodic inspection of fire safety correction measure.

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